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asdfcomp-high fived

2010-07-17 21:57:50 by TKAStudios

I uploaded the asdfcomp-high fived video on youtube for a contest and know i'm uploading it to NG i hope it works!!!

rain is BullShit

2010-07-17 21:52:36 by TKAStudios

I wanted to shoot a movie today but it rained like crazy now i have no movies to make!!
it sucks .I hate YOU STUPID RAIN!!!

ALL my youtube accounts

2010-05-16 15:45:39 by TKAStudios

please send me
-Animation ideas
-Movie ideas
-Prank ideas
-Tutorial ideas.

Check out my youtube channel

2010-05-16 13:30:19 by TKAStudios
Thank you